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Tax and Accounting Academy

The EPLO Tax and Accounting Academy (in brief “Tax Academy”) was founded by the European Public Law Organization with a view to promoting research in the area of taxation and accounting and facilitating exchange of views on tax and accounting issues.

The Academy aims at setting up a forum for exchange of ideas on tax and accounting issues among the countries in which EPLO is active with ultimate objective the creation of a think-tank and a network to promote best practices and cooperation. Besides, the special knowledge on tax and accounting issues is a main priority of all European countries. In particular, scientific research in those areas in Greece plays decisive part in the promotion of viable financial practices which correspond to world and European developments. Consequently, the Tax Academy intends to create the necessary framework and to provide the opportunity to experts in those areas,being members of a reliable institution, to exchange views on tax and accounting matters both at national level, especially after the tax reform of 2013-2014, and at European Union and international level.

In addition, the Academy offers know-how and technical assistance in the setting up of tax and accounting systems to States which need support by experts so that they introduce reliable tax and accounting systems.

The Academy takes initiatives in presenting proposals and practical solutions in tax and accounting areas,acting as a connection between economic organizations, academic institutions, national or local governments and international organizations which apply policies based on tax and accounting studies. As a result, the Academy promotes pilot and innovative actions which purport to implement the best practices.

At the same time the Academy acts as an independent scientific body in the study of tax and accounting issues closely related to the economic activity. The Academy also offers scientific support and substantiation on tax and accounting issues before national and European institutional bodies.

Finally, Tax Academy organizes meetings, conferences, round tables on current tax and accounting topics and schedules the introduction of seminars and post graduate course on taxation, accounting and finance.

George S. Mavraganis, Lawyer-Managing Partner of MK-legal Law Firm and former Deputy Finance Minister (2012-2015) is the President of Tax Academy and head of the Advisory Scientific Council which consists of the following persons mentioned in alphabetical order:

  1. Constantinos Caramanis, Professor of Accounting, School of Business, Department of Business Administration, Athens University of Economics and Business.
  2. Angelos Gregoriades, Member of the Board of Central Bank of Cyorus, former Senior Partner of KPMG Cyprus.
  3. Katerina Perrou, Lawyer specialized in Tax Law
  4. Eleni Theocharopoulou, Professor of Tax Law at the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace, Greece.
  5. Demetris G. Tsagaris, economist and certified accountant, founder of F.A.O. Economics SA.



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