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Preparatory Program for the National School of Judges

The Training Institute for Law and Governance, a training unit of the EPLO aiming at the dissemination of knowledge and training within the Law and Governance sector, implements educational and training activities, and more specifically specialized preparatory programs for candidates participating in professional examinations in Greece and abroad.

Dr Georgios Patrikios, an experienced tutor and lawyer, is managing the program.

From November 2014, and onwards the Institute has implemented two types of Preparatory Programs for Greek Candidates for the “National School of Judges” exams through which, vacancies for Cadets of Rapporteurs of the State Council and the Court of Auditors and for Deputies of the Administrative Court, are filled each year. The courses address young law practitioners sitting for this year’s exams splitting them in two sessions: those sitting for the first time and those who needed an accelerated refreshing course.

The Preparatory Program which focuses on Administrative Justice, will conclude its first two sessions in September 2015 and initiate the next in November 2015.The program is run in collaboration with SAKKOULAS PUBLICATIONS, an acknowledged law editions house.