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Technical Cooperation

The EPLO implements a large number of technical cooperation projects which assist governments and institutions all over the world in promoting human rights, the rule of law, democratization processes, law enforcement, public administration reform, sustainable development law, and alignment of national legislations to the EU acquis.

Within this framework, the EPLO’s diverse actions include providing technical legal advice to national authorities, training for judges and civil servants, capacity and institution building directed at modernizing and upgrading public structures and institutions or aiming to the empowerment of civil society and local NGOs, as well as at raising public awareness.

The EPLO applies strategies and innovative solutions according to the international development objectives, each country's specific needs, national strategic frameworks and unique economic, political and social processes.

Selected examples of technical cooperation projects implemented by the EPLO include:

  • Strengthening the Capacities of the National Assembly of Serbia in the EU Integration Process
  • Improved Capacity of Civil Enforcement Offices in Turkey
  • Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence. Best Practice Examples between Increasing Mutual Understanding and Awareness of Specific Protection Needs
  • CLAIM-Child Law: Action for an Innovative Methodology

Please find hereafter a detailed list of projects that the Organization has undertaken during its course of actions.

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