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With over 50,000 volumes on Public Law and the related fields of international, comparative and EU law, as well as Human Rights, the Academy’s European Public Law Library is one of the largest specialized academic law libraries in Europe. Its corpora on national law covers over 50 countries worldwide.

The library now has an online catalogue that can be found at the link: http://eplolib.openabekt.gr/

Founded in 1995, the Library holds collections in printed form in more than 13 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian).

In addition to the extensive collection of periodicals, which enumerates upward of 70 titles, the “European Public Law Organization” has developed and maintains the journal exchange program between the “European Review of Public Law” and prestigious legal journals.

The Library journal collection includes: Quaderni Constituzionali (Italy), Revue de droit Monégasque (Monaco), University Law Journal (Ukraine), Juridica International (Estonia), Arhiv za pravne i drustvene nauke, Pravni Zapisi (Serbia), Buletin Stiintific (Romania), Revue française d’administration publique (France), European Constitutional Law Review (Netherlands), Journal of International and Comparative Law, Pittsburg Law Review, Chicago-Kent Lew Review (USA), and many other journals.

On a constant basis the library receives the updates from the Court of Justice of the European Union (in English and Greek), from the Human Right Information Bulletin (in English and French) of the Council of Europe and from the Case-Law Information Note (in English and French) of the European Court of Human Rights. A unique library comprised of theses of 100 PhD Candidates completes the collection. 

The EPLO library is part of the Electronic Document Delivery Service of HEAL-Link (Hellenic Academic Libraries Link), a free service which allows users to request articles from the subscriptions of HEAL-link and receive one printed copy of the requested article. The requests will be sent and handled through the library.

 HEAL-Link is operating as a consortium and composed of 43 Institutions/Members and provides material from multiple scientific fields. The article requests are handled through a secure, open source software, NILDE which ensures the exchange happens in the easiest possible way without any copyright violations.

The catalog of the available material can be found here: www.heal-link.gr More about the terms of service can be found here


Online Data Base Access for the members, staff and students of the  EPLO:

The ΕPLO offers free access to various d-bases for its Members and Students at :http://e-library.eplo.int/

The EPLO Law & Governance Archive - ePublicLaw

The EPLO Law & Governance Archive - ePublicLaw is a digital platform of academic and scientific work that has been developed in collaboration with the National Documentation Center (www.ekt.gr). The Law & Governance Archive "e-PublicLaw" provides archiving, authentication and diffusion services for academic intellectual products concerning the wider area of Public Law and Governance. We welcome the publication of articles, studies, monographs, dissertations, projects, conference proceedings and all kinds of intellectual contribution by academics, researchers and legal practitioners worldwide. The repository's role is to protect intellectual work and diffuse it to relevant audiences. We accept texts written in any official language provided they are accompanied by a summary in English. In the repository you will also find digital articles, publications' abstracts and texts, conference proceedings and videos.. It can be visited at the following link: http://repository-eplo.ekt.gr/eplo/


The Library welcomes and constantly receives thematic literature donations in various languages both from individuals and institutions.

The lists of donors below include donations made as of 31 August 2011 and are displayed in chronological order.

List of Great Donors

- † N. Bouropoulos

- The Library of the Bank of Greece

- Republic of Cyprus

- Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennees

- † Professor P. D. Dagtoglou

- Embassy of France in Athens

- † D. Fotopoulos

- Prof. M. Fromont

- † Professor Agustin Gordillo

- Republic of Italy

- A. Kalogeropoulos

- Evgenia Koumantou

- Professor George Kremlis

-† Professor A. Masucci

- The Library of the Ministry of Finance in Greece

- Professor A. Pantelis

- University of Parma

- † S. Petrounakos

- Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publications

- P. Sakkoulas Publications

- Η.Ε. Αmbassador A. Rallis

- Prof. Gl. Sioutis

- The Constitutional Court of Thailand

- Prof. Ph. Spyropoulos

- † Professor Sir David Williams

- The Rt. Hon. The Lord Woolf, Lord Chief Justice of England 

- † Professor Gerard Marcou

- The Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law

List of Donors

- University of Bahçesehir, Istanbul, Turkey

- Professor N. Belloubet-Frier

- Professor S. Cassese

- Center of International and European Economic Law, Greece

- Professor Th. Diamantopoulos

- Faculty of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services, Iran

- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran

- Professor G. Falcon

- Professor T. R. Fernández Rodríguez

- † Professor D. Foulkes

- Professor F. Goudappel

- Professor Dr. D. Grimm

- Professor Dr. W. Hoffmann-Riem

- Professor H. Hofmann

- Professor A. de la Hera

- Institut Français d’Athènes

- Institute of Law of Kazakhstan

- Professor O. Jansen

- Professor J. Albæk Jensen

- Professor G. Kassimatis

- Alexandros Katranis

- † Professor St. I. Koutsoubinas

- Professor B. Mathieu

- Professor D. Maus

- Professor Ioannis Mazis

- Professor Ferdinand Melin_Soucramanien

- Professor J. Miranda

- Professor J. Morison

- Professor Th. Öhlinger

- † Professor L.Ortega Alvarez

- † Professor Il Han Özay

- Professor A. Pace

- Professor G. Püttner

- Professor M. Rebelo de Sousa

- Professor M. Rebollo Puig

- H.E. M. Robinson

- Professor A. Sandulli

- Professor Dr. H. Schäffer

- Professor E. Schmidt-Aßmann

- Professor Chr. Starck

- Professor G. Timsit

-† Professor Werner Meng

- Professor G. Vrabie

- Professor M. Verpeaux

- Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos

- Dr. Christos Vassilopoulos

- Professor Andreas Gofas

- Professor Matteo Gnes

-Association of the Friends of Christos Malevitsis

- Dr Andreas Pottakis