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Seminar on Islamic Law

Seminar on Islamic Law and the Sharia for Lawyers, Judges, Diplomats and the Defense Sector

The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) has initiated training sessions for professionals introducing the Islamic law, one of the oldest and most important legal systems worldwide.

More specifically, the goal is to deepen the participants’ knowledge and achieve a further understanding in the manner in which Justice is awarded by the Mufti of Thrace providing the opportunity to comment and evaluate their decisions on the basis of shariah law. These seminars will contribute to a better understanding and deeper explanation of relevant issues, after familiarizing the participants with a different way of thinking.

It is addressed to:

- Lawyers

- Judicial Officers

- Diplomats

- Military Officials & the greater Defense sector

For these categories of professionals, the knowledge on this subject is necessary, as during their professional life they often come into contact with relevant issues of Islamic Law. Participation is open to anyone without the requirement of prior knowledge of the subject.

Seminar Structure: Divided into four sections with duration of one month each. The first section will examine the sources of Islamic law, the second Islamic Governance and Holy War in Islam (Jihad) and finally the third and fourth sections are devoted to the Civil Law-Vakoufia and Criminal Law, respectively.

Total Duration: 4 months

Language: Greek

Start date: March 2, 2017. 

Applications open on: December 2016 

Venue: EPLO Athens premise, 2, Polygnotou and Dioskouron st., Plaka

Instructor: Kyriakos Nicolaou-Patragas Ass. Professor, University of Athens, Professor of Chair " Refaat al Said"/ EPLO.

Director of Studies:  Ioannis Mazis, Professor at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Registration: You can register by sending e-mail to info@eplo.int or by calling 211 311 0 671. Please register as soon as possible, as availability is limited.

The fees for the seminar amount to 450€ and payment should be concluded prior to the initiation of the seminar.