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Center for Gender and Equality Policy Studies (CEGEPS)

The Centre for Gender and Equality Policy Studies (CEGEPS) was created with the vision to promote knowledge and reflection on the major issues of gender and equality, for both separately and in their complex and multi-level interactions. It encourages and promotes research and provides counselling, training, consultation and research services related to the search for aspects of equality in all aspects of gender policy as well as the various forms of creative cultural and social coexistence. Strengthening and expanding opportunities for equality and participation is the core of our effort.

Therefore, gender and equality issues are at the forefront of the Centre's agenda, both in terms of their different interconnections and as distinct areas in internal, transnational and international politics. The Centre focuses on public policy issues and encourages the investigation of issues in ways that combine the interdisciplinary perspectives of the respective scientific fields and policy needs at national, European and international level.

Our main objectives are defined by the double emphasis (a) on identifying and assessing the gaps and limits of applied solutions in the field of public policies and (B) on the elaboration and contribution of innovative approaches aimed at both addressing problems and stimulating collaborative projects, policy innovation that enhances opportunities and forms of political entrepreneurship.

In addition, as part of our commitment to public awareness of the mentioned issues and the dissemination of policies, we promote the concept of "Policy Awareness for All", a concept- compass for equality studies that aim to be both academically interesting and socially beneficial and understandable. In this context, the Center also aims to investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on equality, participation and access to policy making.

Methodological commitment

Given its focus on the interdisciplinary understanding of the issues that concern it, the centre promotes and encourages innovative exploration and dissemination of knowledge and information in fields such as political research, gender studies, gender mainstreaming in different research fields, cultural studies, international relations, conflict management, political participation, and the analysis of multicultural coexistence.

The use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, the emphasis on conclusions which are substantiated on the excellent evidence-based research and the adoption of only empirically based theoretical forms (ground theory) directs the Center to modern forms of examination, evaluation and reassessment of institutions and practices based on the research findings and not due to the institutional, traditional or knowledge-based data prevailing in the fields of interest of the Center.


The main objectives of the Center include:

- the greatest possible awareness of the importance of public policy issues related to gender and equality, both separately and in their interactions to the extent that they continue to concern our practice and activities

- encouraging dialogue and actions that promote issues and efforts aimed at identifying and addressing practical problems and institutional gaps

- public awareness of issues and their social dimensions through participation in relevant actions and programmes. ,

- the creation of conditions for respect for cultural heritage in the world.

- cooperation with other research and advisory institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, public and private organizations, stakeholders and public authorities

- the provision of intersectional, culturally sensitive, seminars and training; professional development and supervision of students, young researchers, interested journalists and interns

- the publication (and in electronic form) of working texts, contributions, research results and public information materials related to the objectives and operation of the Centre.


Structure and administration

The Center is an independent and autonomous unit of the European Public Law Organization and operates under the responsibility of its President and Executive Director and with the support of its Scientific Council.


President: Olga Kefalogianni, Lawyer of Athens, Member of Parliament, former Minister

Executive Director: K. Lavdas, Professor, Panteion University

Members (in alphabetical order):

V. Kollia, Political Scientist, fr. Secretary General for Gender Equality

K. Lavdas, Professor of European Policy at Panteion University

M. Mendrinou, Professor of European Political Economy at the University of Piraeus

D. Papadopoulou-Klamari, Professor of Civil Law at the University of Athens

F. Papathanassiou, General Director of the Theocharakis Foundation