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Institute for Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation (ΙPRI)

The Institute for Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation (IPRI) aims at supporting the international development of IP policy by reinforcing the study of Intellectual Property and innovation management. The Institute’s overarching goal is to contribute to IP regulation that will be responsive to the economic, social and technical challenges of technology and innovation.

IPRI explores the global role of IPRs under economic, social and industrial conditions that are being constantly redefined, due to a) technological breakthrough that increases market value, b) proliferation of new business models that transform the IP market, c) significant fragmentation of IPRs that reduces market efficiency, and d) the political landscape that shapes IP law.

The success of global and national innovation ecosystems depends not only on the free flow of goods, services, people, capital and data, but on incentives that motivate creativity and invention without stifling market competition. As such, IPRI will be a source of IP regulation research and insight to support the growth of global value chains and the international homogenization of IP policy. In the context of the transforming field of innovation regulation studies, IPRI focus particularly on:

  • the transnational flows of IPR

  • the complementarity of IPRs (patents, copyright, trademark, trade secrets)

  • the relation between IPR exploitation and economic growth

  • strengthening responsible research and innovation

  • special cases of digital transformation technologies, nanotechnology, biotechnology, creative industries, cultural heritage

Finally, IPRI devises a research and teaching programme that addresses the needs of the industry and responds to major academic challenges. To this end, the institute emphasises particularly in international collaboration with academia and the industry to produce research, analysis and teaching material tailored to the needs of the plethora of stakeholders in the global IP system; for the benefit of the industry, the individual and the society.

The IPRI constitutes an academically independent unit of the European Public Law Organization with operational autonomy and is under the responsibility of its President and its Executive Director with the assistance of its Scientific Council.