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Since 2013, the EPLO has undertaken as a Publisher the European Review of Public Law (ERPL) and its special editions, as well as other periodical editions and stand-alone publications dealing with public law issues.

The ERPL is a quarterly publication, established in 1989 to create an international forum for analysis and discussion of issues in the development of constitutional and administrative law in Europe.

Not only does it examine a wide range of issues that relate to the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights, the national public law and practices, as well as to their mutual interaction and influence but it also covers other jurisdictions that interplay with the European Public Law systems and/or offer relevant comparative insights.

The Review is accompanied by 6 special editions: 

  •  “European Public Law Series”

The European Public Law Series created in 1998, is constituted of a series of books, monographs and essays purporting to contribute, through research or reflection thereby taking place, to the creation of a European public law - in particular through the systematic study of the different aspects of national legal systems in the EU Member States, in the European Union itself, as well as of their evolution & their convergence. 

  •  “European Papers”

European Papers is a series of succinct monographs focused on the fundamental categories of European Union law. The Series was inaugurated in 2001 with the aim of providing a forum of academic reflection and dialogue in the field, and has ever since concentrated on matters pertinent to the fundamental institutional elements of the Union, structures and practices of European governance, and patterns of continuity and change reflected in the development of EU law.

  •  “Academy of European Public Law Series” 

The Academy of European Public Law Series was launched in 2009, aiming at publishing the most representative results of the work of the Academy of European Public Law graduates. This series shows the quality of the work done in this academic environment and aims at encouraging an even better level of quality, as excellence is the only objective of the Academy.

  •  “European Environmental Law Series”

The European Environmental Law Series was created in 2009, conscious of the role of comparative environmental law in the development of an effective global environmental protection and management system, focusing on the different aspects of national legal systems in the EU Member States, in the EU itself and worldwide.

The commitment of the EPLO Publications to expand their scope to further areas of interest, in addition to their main subject matter of public law, was implemented through two new Series launched in 2018: the “Mediterranean Agenda” by the EPLO Institute for the Mediterranean and “The Institute for Justice and Growth Series” by the Institute for Justice and Growth of the EPLO. This initiative has been even more enhanced during the reported period.

  •  “Mediterranean Agenda”

The Mediterranean Agenda is the result of the initiative of the Institute for the Mediterranean of the EPLO. It was launched not only with the aim to disseminate the results of the debates taking place in the context of the events that the Institute organizes throughout the year but also with the ambition to publish stand-alone studies by eminent, young and already established, scholars, and other studies on the Mediterranean area, that will contribute to the highlighting of the Mediterranean dimension amidst the contemporary regional challenges.

  • “Institute for Justice and Growth Series”

The Institute for Justice and Growth Series is the result of the initiative of the Institute for Justice and Growth of the EPLO. In this Series will be collected and reflected the suggestions, contribution, thoughts and opinions and, above all, the concrete proposals of the elite personalities of high academic and professional prestige who enjoy international recognition and participate in the Scientific Council of the Institute for Justice and Growth, as well as of those involved and participating in the scientific events organized by the Institute.

Other publications include the periodicals “Central and Eastern European Legal Studies”, "European Politeia" and "The Administrative Reform" many stand-alone books.

  • “Central and Eastern European Legal Studies”

The Central and Eastern European Legal Studies, launched more than 15 years ago as a special edition of the ERPL, is from 2013 a biannual journal with its own Board of Editors, composed of renowned academics from Central, Eastern and Western European countries, specialized in this area. The aim is to give the opportunity to academics coming from CEE countries and also to academics from other countries, experts in this field, to come together and exchange views on Public Law issues of these countries.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that the EPLO Publications have enlarged their scope through the representation of Hungary both in the ERPL and in the CEELS and of Russia in the CEELS. We would like in this context to welcome H.E. Minister L. Trócsányi from Hungary, the new member of the ERPL Board of Editors, and Mr. A. Gromyko from Russia and Ms. A. Szalái from Hungary, the two new members of the CEELS Board of Editors. We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with them and we thank them as all members of our Editorial Boards.

  • “European Politeia

The European Politeia is our third Journal. It is a bi-annual journal of European law, public affairs and society published by the European Public Law Organization under the scientific supervision of the Greek Center of European Studies and Research (EKEME) of the EPLO.

  • “The Administrative Reform

The Administrative Reform is the fourth journal. It is a historic title, founded in 1980 and published until 1998. This publication aims to become anew a forum for young and established scholars from the field of the administrative science, the civil service and the judiciary. It will publish papers in Greek, on a wide range of topics on public law, good governance, institutional reform, the promotion of transparency and the protection of human rights.

The most recent standalone publications include:

1. S. Varouxakis,The Diplomacy of the Mediterranean

2. Athens Dialogue on a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction as well as Their Means of Delivery (WMDFZ)

3. N.Scandamis / K.Boskovits, Rival Securities in Europe and Beyond


Due to its collaborations with the following Publishers the Editions department through the ERPL publication receives legal texts and publications for review from:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Hart Publishing
  • Ashgate Publishing
  • Bruylant
  • Larcier
  • Duncker & Humblot
  • C.H.Beck
  • Kohlhammer
  • Nomos
  • Intersentia
  • Kluwer Law
  • Dalloz
  • L.G.D.J
  • Springer
  • Tecnos
  • Dykinson
  • il Mulino
  • Giuffrè
  • Staempfli
  • C.F. Müller
  • Mohr Siebeck and many other worldwide

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