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Greek Center of European Studies & Research (EKEME)

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The Greek Centre of European Studies and Research (EKEME in its Greek acronym) was founded in 1980 by a group of academics, legal practitioners, economists and social scientists. 
Greece was then in the final stages of its accession to the European Communities and Greek public opinion was experiencing a lack of facts-based information as well as of analysis that would allow for a rational evaluation of the expectations and risks of accession. 
EKEME was founded and operates as a non-profit institution, independent of any political or State affiliation. It does not benefit of any subsidy, but has been financed by its members and through participation to programs and initiatives sponsored by national and EU sources. 
EKEME has worked to shed light on several aspects of Greece's membership to the EC/EU and to the integration process, with facts, with studies, with research programs and through participation to transnational research ventures. EKEME is the Greek member of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).
EKEME brings together the research experience and analytical capacity of a wide range of disciplines, especially economics, law, political science, sociology and international relations. It has participated and is presently engaged in multi-disciplinary research programmes that allow for policy proposals in fields of current interest for Greece¢s membership to the EU and European integration at large. EKEME is currently active in programs following recent European developments.


As of 21 March 2014, the Greek Center of European Studies & Research (EKEME) has been officially constituted as a specialized department of the European Public Law Organization under the academic responsibility of its Academic Director and the Curatorium.

Mr. Antonis Papayannides is the Academic Director and Mr. Nikos Frangakis is the President of the Scientific Council, while the Scientific Council and the Curatorium are composed as follows:



1. Panos Kazakos, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

2. Nikos Scandamis, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

3. Constantine Stephanou, Professor, Panteion University


Nikos Frangakis, Advocate


1. Marios Camhis, ex Officer, European Commission

2. Sotiris Dalis, Lecturer, University of the Aegean

3. Nikiforos Diamandouros, ex European Ombudsman

4. Dimitrios Dimitriadis, ex President, European Economic and Social Committee

5. Spyros Flogaitis, Professor, University of Athens / Director, European Public Law Organization

6. Spyros Haritos, Dr. of Political and Social Sciences

7. Constantine Iliopoulos, Assoc. Professor, Demokritos University of Thrace

8. Panos Kazakos, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

9. Dimitris Konstas, Professor, Panteion University

10. George Kremlis, Officer, European Commission

11. Achilleas Mitsos, Professor, University of the Aegean, ex Director General, European Commission

12. George Pagoulatos, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business

13. Constantine Papadopoulos, ex Secretary General, International Economic Relations and Cooperation for Development, MFA

14. Triantafyllia Lina Papadopoulou, Ássist. Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

15. Spyros Pappas, Member of the Athens and Brussels Bars/ex Director Gen., European Commission

16. Antonis D. Papayannides, Advocate – Journalist                                                                      

17. Stelios Perrakis, Professor, Panteion University                                                      

18. Christos Rozakis, President, Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe / Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

19. Nikos Scandamis, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

20. Vasilios Skouris, President, ECJ / Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 

21. Constantine Stephanou, Professor, Panteion University 

22. Iro Stephanou-Nikolakopoulou, Professor, Panteion University

23. Mihalis Vilaras, Conseiler d’Etat,ex Section President, General Court of the European Union      

24. Sotiris Wallden, European Commission / Economist                                                            

25. Christos Yeraris, Honorary President, Council of the State