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EPLO Offices 

The EPLO maintains Οffices worldwide, supporting the Headquarters of the EPLO in its constant effort to create and disseminate knowledge in the area of public law and promote European values through public law around the world. All Regional Offices support the project work and the proposals of the EPLO by giving the respective scientific input.

EPLO Office with Premises:

  • Rome Office, Italy

Rome, Italy: The EPLO Office in Rome is hosted at the Palazzo Altemps. On 19 July 2022 the Ratification and Execution of the Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the EPLO concerning the establishment of an EPLO in Italy, was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic (Gazetta Ufficiale). The Headquarters Agreement was signed in Rome on June 23, 2021 granting to the EPLO all the immunities and privileges allowed to International Organizations based in Rome.

Other EPLO Offices are located at:

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Odessa, Ukraine
  • Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy
  • Observer Office in Geneva, Switzerland


  • Capítulo Mexicano
  • Capítulo Brasileiro

Each Office is equipped with a full set of the EPLO editions.

Brussels, Belgium Τhe Representative of the Regional Office of the EPLO in Brussels participates in meetings that are organized in the framework of EPLO projects and initiatives which take place in Brussels (EUNIDA and others), and represents the Organization. At the same time, he supports proposals and the project work of the Organization by providing advice and recommendations on the exploration and early identification of new opportunities, programs and initiatives, funded by EU bodies, and others being of interest for the EPLO and by following up the proposals that the EPLO has submitted to the EC for funding. The Representative also builds and cultivates direct links and relations with key Directorates, Units, Desk Officers, etc. of the EC, including EU delegations, as well as with potential partners and clients (institutions, NGOs, IOs, companies, etc.), particularly those with offices in Brussels, in order to develop bilateral cooperation and agreements.

Mariupol, Ukraine One of the two Regional Offices of the EPLO in Ukraine is located in Mariupol and hosted at the Mariupol State University. In its constant efforts to share knowledge, the EPLO participated in teaching in the Mariupol State University Summer School Academy courses of European Law and Competition Law in July 2011. In this context, Mr. Ioannis Voudouris of the EPLO gave a lecture on “Contemporary legal issues concerning the development and the enlargement of the European Union Law”.

Odessa, Ukraine The second Regional Office of the EPLO in Ukraine is located in Odessa and hosted at the National University “Odessa Law Academy”. Prof. V. Tulyakov has been assigned as Head of the Office, supported by Prof. V. Barsky. The Lecture Series on European Public Law involving the organization of lectures given by members of the European Group of Public Law has also been implemented in the Regional Office in Odessa. Six lectures were given in the years 2010 and 2011 by esteemed personalities such as Prof. J. Bacelar Gouveia, Mr. G. de Vel, Prof. R. Toniatti, Prof. J. Morison and Prof. B. Mathieu.

Observer Office in Geneva, Switzerland: 

Due to the fact that the EPLO, has been granted the Observer Status at both the International Labor Organization (ILO),and the WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization, it maintains an office in Geneva within the beautiful Ecumenical Center building .

EPLO Regional Branch in Trento, Italy

The EPLO Regional Branch will be hosted based on the MoU signed on September 2018 between the EPLO  the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy and the University of Trento at the premises of the University of Trento.

Capítulo Brasileiro, Sao Paolo, Brasil

The EPLO has established a close link in Sao Paolo, Brasil with the Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FFHC). The development of the Capítulo Brasileiro of the EPLO, will bring together and around the EPLO the best academic, judicial, political, diplomatic and in general public spirited forces of Brazil in terms of equality, mutual respect, friendship, cooperation, commitment and belief in a Global, transatlantic concept of public law and governance without exclusions for reasons of gender, political considerations in a democratic perception of the societies, religions, etc.

Capítulo Mexicano: Mexico City, Mexico The Capítulo of the EPLO in Latin America is located in Mexico City and hosted at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico-Capítulo Mexicano (UNAM), where the EPLO has received the kind support of Prof. Jorge Fernández Ruiz as Head of the Office.  

Rome Office, Palazzo Altemps
The Sate University of Tbilisi, Georgia
University of Trento
Οdessa Οffice
Mariupol, Ukraine
EPLO Branch in Mexico City

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