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Mediterranean Migration and Asylum Policy Hub (MedMA)

The mission of Mediterranean Migration and Asylum Policy Hub (MedMA) is to serve as a source of authoritative, fact-driven research, innovative policy making, and a platform for the exchange of ideas related to asylum and reception, legal migration, integration and pathways to citizenship. MedMA aspires to identify best practices or common challenges across the Mediterranean and the potential for policy diffusion across the region.

MedMA was established in 2022 as an Agency of the European Public Law Organization.     

MedMA’s scope builds on three fundamental pillars:

  • The mapping of existing policy.
     MedMA acts as an inclusive deliberation space where policymakers, academics, researchers, civil society representatives, advocates and other stakeholders can engage in a spirit of trust and confidence on existing migration and asylum policy, its successes, shortcomings, challenges and pitfalls.
  • The enabling of evidence-based policy-making.
    MedMA serves as a data repository for Greece, collating publicly available statistics in a user-friendly manner. The statistical work will in the future encompass other Mediterranean States.
  • The production of novel policy recommendations.
    MedMA engages in its own cutting-edge migration and asylum-related research with a focus on challenges prevalent in the Mediterranean region.

The MedMA team brings together expertise in academia, policy making at the highest level, public administration management and field work in migration and asylum.

To forward its Mission, MedMA:

  • Provides accessible and timely data, information, and analysis on immigration and integration issues that cover the major issues on which policymakers and the general public need information
  • Pursues research that fills major gaps of understanding around migration flows and immigration and integration policy
  • Assesses the effectiveness of current immigration and integration policies, as well as the impact of immigration on labor markets, educational outcomes, and social cohesion
  • Promotes a trusted space for dialogue and a series of learning opportunities around ways to address immigration and integration issues
  • Provides technical assistance to policymakers, practitioners, and nongovernmental organizations that are trying to solve specific immigration and integration challenges
  • Develops innovative policy ideas to address immigration and integration challenges more effectively.
  • Reaches across the political aisle and seeks to engage with all political constituencies with a view to identifying zones of consensus on migration and asylum policies.

You may find more information at www.med-ma.eu and/or contact the Agency at info@med-ma.eu