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European Law & Governance School

Aiming to be continuously at the forefront of research and education, the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) is pleased to announce the creation of a special Agency called the European Law and Governance School (ELGS).

The European Law and Governance School is founded upon the belief that the European Union plays a crucial role in ensuring global stability, promoting democracy, and the overall progress of mankind, and that the core values of the European Union must be upheld while it strives for better integration. The ELGS also believes that the key source of hope and the only path to successful integration is through the proper education and training of the youth of Europe. Thus, the vision of the ELGS is to educate the next generation in European law and governance, thus preparing today's youth to better serve their nations with an exceptional understanding of Europe, and its institutions and promoting their national interests within the scope of EU institutions.

The ELGS is an International University School with headquarters in Italy and campuses in Athens Greece, Cascais Portugal, Tbilisi Georgia.Its titles of study are recognized by the Italian Republic as equivelant to the titles offered by Italian Universities. 

The European Law and Governance School (ELGS) is a modern International University School with the mission to offer Excellence in tertiary levels of Education in the fields of European Law and Governance.

The School aims to shape socially responsible leaders of the future with inquisitive minds and free spirits. It aims to shape the European Citizens of tomorrow who belong to Europe and serve to promote European values.

The ELGS is committed to educating the next generation of Europe and the world’s legal practitioners, public administrators and leaders by imparting them with the knowledge necessary to effectively work within the fast evolving European and global institutional structures that transcend national frameworks, and with the skills to confront and address the new global opportunities and challenges.

The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a unique design, incomparable curriculum and fresh material that enable students a high degree of personalization, flexibility and interdisciplinarity. Students can choose from: a track of studies that offers a pan-European perspective of legal studies that is designed to create the European lawyer of the new era, or a track that focuses on European governance studies and contributes to the creation of a new generation of highly skilled administrators and leaders, or can select interdisciplinary degrees that combine both approaches.

Three pillars encompass this establishments’ policy and values:

  • To offer Excellence in education through theory, practice, and transversal skills development
  • To promote Innovation and Intellectual Curiosity through a supportive and flexible environment
  • To encourage Change in society by cultivating the European citizens of tomorrow

Why study at the ELGS:

  • It offers one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary curricula
  • taught by a faculty network of the world’s best
  • dedicated to creating the leaders of tomorrow
  • delivered at a stunning and culturally rich location

The ELGS will be supported by a consortium of Universities, established both in Europe and on other Continents. The consortium plays an active role in the ELGS; representatives of Universities affiliated to the ELGS hold seats at the Council of Representatives, with the aim to facilitate the creation and implementation of jointly run programs and student/professor mobility schemes.

The official presentation of the International European Law and Governance School took place at the Presidential Palace of the Italian Republic, in the presence of H.E. the  President of the Italian Republic Sergio Matarella on the 18th of May, 2016 while the inaugural launching of the School took place with the first symbolic meeting of the Board of Trustees at the premises of the European Parliament on March 27, 2013. 

Please find more information about the School at www.elgs.eu  or at  info@elgs.eu or at +30 211 3110 671.

The Honorary President of the ELGS Board of Trustees, former Prime Minister of Italy, Prof. G. Amato
Official Announcement at the Italian Presidential Palace of the ELGS
The Athens Premise
The Sounion Premise
Inaugural ELGS Meeting Brussels 27.03.13
HE The President of the Italian Democracy mr Sergio Matarella during the official announcement of the ELGS at the Presidential Palace of Italy

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