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Research is one of the core pillars of the EPLO’s activity, and, to this effect, it implements and supports scientific research and related scientific publications. The EPLO’s research activities explore policy alternatives and provide technical legal advice to national authorities, addressing a wide range of academic and policy issues within the broad field of public law, including justice reform, public administration, criminal law, women, children, minorities and other vulnerable groups’ rights, victims’ rights, migration and trafficking in human beings, among others.

Research studies involve the EPLO’s cooperation with specialized institutions such as the World Bank, the University of Oxford, the Max Plank Institute, the Center for the Study of Democracy in Bulgaria, the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania, and a number of other universities, non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Selected examples of research activities conducted by the EPLO include the following projects:

  • FIDUCIA: New European Crimes and Trust-based Policy
  • Study to Compile Factsheets on Rights of Victims
  • Tracking Progress in Strengthening Criminal Justice Indicators for Integrated Case Management
  • DIANA: Comparative Study of the Anticorruption Systems within the Competencies of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Europe
  • Jean Monnet Programme: South-Eastern European developments on the administrative convergence and enlargement of the European Administrative Space in Balkan states

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