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In view of meeting its goals and in the framework of its activities, the EPLO works closely with partner institutions from all over the world, most notably:

EPLO joins the Concordia Platform

Concordia is a platform that transforms and enhances the way global citizens approach the world ’s greatest challenges . Through its programming, partnership index, issue -based campaigns , and members, Concordia facilitates cross – sector collaboration to capitalize on the efficiencies of the private sector and the scale of the public sector. EPLO became a member of the Concordia as of March 2015.

Cooperation Agreement between EPLO and the Municipality of Athens

The two parties have decided in June 2014, to work closely together, for the promotion and enhancement of European values, particularly through education, research, training and institutional development in conditions of multiculturalism, in Greece, Europe and worldwide. Also to work together towards highlighting Athens as the city of culture, and in particular as the birthplace of Democracy, Education,Youth upbringing, for Greece, Europe and the whole world, with respect to the People.

Cooperation with the United Nations

In line with the purposes of the EPLO, as outlined in its Statute, the EPLO is working towards forging cooperation with organizations in the United Nations (UN) system. Following this very specific mandate and after the Director’s visit at the UN Headquarters in New York in 2011 where he met with the Deputy Director-General HE Mrs. Asha-Rose Migiro to discuss the possibilities for developing institutional relations with the United Nations. Given that, during his visit, the Director of the EPLO received a very encouraging feedback, the EPLO has started the procedure to apply for the status of Observer in the General Assembly of the UN.

Participation at ILO & WIPO as an Observer

Within this framework of cooperation with the UN the EPLO, during 2015, has been granted the Observer Status at both:

  • The International Labor Organization (ILO), a UN agency
  • WIPO- World Intellectual Property Organization, a self-funding agency of the United Nations. Moreover the EPLO was granted the Observer Status at the WIPO at the 55th Series of Meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO in Geneva, 5 to 14 October 2015.

United Nations Cooperation Agreement in Nicaragua

In 2010, the EPLO signed a cooperation agreement with the United Nation system entailing the development of actions within the framework of the promotion of human rights of indigenous peoples and ethnic communities in Nicaragua.

Cooperation with the World Bank’s GFLJD

In 2012, the EPLO became a partner in the World Bank's Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD), having endorsed the Joint Declaration and Statement of Commitment on Supporting the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development.

Following the WB’s expressed wish to involve the EPLO also in other activities of common interest worldwide, the Organization has been involved in the following three Thematic Working Groups: (1) Justice and Rule of Law Reform, (2) Governance and Anti-Corruption and (3) Empowerment and Equity for Diverse Communities.