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ELGS: An International School for Law and Governance 

The European Law and Governance School (ELGS) is a modern Ιnternational University School with the aim and mission to offer Excellence in tertiary levels of Education in the fields of European Law and Governance and the vision to create a generation of youth that will identify themselves as Europeans, that will serve Europe, and will disseminate the idea, culture and values of Europe throughout the world.

The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a unique design, incomparable curriculum and fresh material that enable students a high degree of personalization, flexibility and interdisciplinarity. Students can choose from: a track of studies that offers a pan-European perspective of legal studies that is designed to create the European lawyer of the new era, or a track that focuses on European governance studies and contributes to the creation of a new generation of highly skilled administrators and leaders, or can select interdisciplinary degrees that combine both approaches.
The ELGS is also supported by an extensive International faculty network that expands throughout the world.

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LLB in European Law:
A 3-year undergraduate program that strives to educate students on the key legal principles underpinning the EU. Students will be able to receive special training on a national law of their choice, as well as on transversal skills development.

BA in European Governance: A flexible 3-year undergraduate program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the world of contemporary governance, with a focus on the European Union, and a cross-disciplinary grasp of its historic, institutional, legal, economic and political dimensions.

More options include:  BA in European Law and Governance Studies which is a combination of the above degrees.

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LLM in EU Law:
This 1-year taught degree covers key topics related to EU law at the postgraduate level, such as the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, and Competition Law. Students will have the unique opportunity to undertake a specialization in EU Monetary and Financial Law.

MA in Governance: A 1-year degree program covering the latest approaches in global and national public policy-making and administration, political economy and global governance and institutions. Students will be able to select from an array of high-level elective modules ranging from professional trainings to specialized topics such as immigration and public budgeting.

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Master of Studies: Designed to maximize students’ ability to personalize their research studies, this 1-year program mobilizes Members of the ELGS International Faculty to motivate students to undertake research on a chosen topic within the greater fields of law and governance and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages.
Master of Philosophy:this 2-year program mobilizes Members of the ELGS International Faculty to enable students to undertake advanced research on a chosen topic within the greater fields of law and governance, and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages
Doctor of Philosophy: The highest level of research to be conducted at the ELGS. Qualified students can apply for this 3-year research program, that enables them to undertake research on a topic of their choice within the greater fields of law and governance, and to write their dissertation in up to ten languages.

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