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Academy of European Public Law

Founded in 1995, the Academy of European Public Law has been the oldest and most esteemed educational establishment of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), as well as of its predecessor the European Public Law Centre (EPLC), and the most representative of its mandate. The EPLO has been entwined with the development of European Public Law, and the emergence of the EU as a new legal order in international law.

The Academy offers study sessions leading to the Intensive International Master of Laws (I.I.LL.M.) in European Public Law or the Certificate of Attendance in European Public Law for those interested in furthering their knowledge and skills on the reasoning and philosophy of the different national public law systems of European countries, as well as the divergences among them.

The study sessions are conducted during the months of August and September on an annual basis at the premises of the EPLO in Sounio, Greece, and have 3-week duration.

The sessions coincide with the annual conference of the European Group of Public Law, the EGPL Annual Reunion, which takes place in Greece during September and where its members meet to present and discuss their reports on a collectively chosen topic of public law. The Academy students are given the opportunity to attend the EGPL Annual Reunion and, hence, come into contact with the most advanced ideas and viewpoints in European public law and meet the individuals behind them. This is a unique advantage in terms of the students' academic and professional development.

In its 19 years of existence, more than 500 students have graduated from the Academy, currently serving outstanding careers in academia, the public, private and international development sectors and advocacy.

In addition to its main annual session, the Academy organizes extraordinary sessions, in partnership with the University members of the EPLO, and addressed to the students of the partner Universities, such as the summer session in Mariupol, Ukraine, organized since 2008 at the Mariupol State University of Humanities.