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ELGS Migration Summer School

Migration and Asylum in Times of Crises 

24-30 July 2023 

Athens & Sounion, Greece 

This year with the support of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), Hungary. 

The context 

Both migration and asylum issues are central topics in national and global governance. The rise in the number of international migrants has been unrelenting over the last twenty years, reaching 281 million people living outside their country of origin in 2022 (United Nations, 2022). An extensive range of reasons and forces have led to unprecedented levels of migration, ranging from safety seeking, persecution, military and civil conflicts, as well as political and economic changes. Reception countries differ immensely regarding their capacity, perceptions and practices to financially and socially integrate migrants and refugees into their societies. Thus, a global framework for handling migration crises is required.  

In this context, the course 7th Migration Summer School (MIGSS): “Migration and Asylum in Times of Crises” has been carefully designed and developed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of multiple crises on the reception, management, human rights and integration of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The summer school gives participants a theoretical and practical understanding of the current situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. This will be achieved through lectures and discussions led by internationally acknowledged professors and experts and study visits. This program is organized by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). The MIGSS will take place from 24-30 July 20231. 

  • Α 7-day program in English will investigate the challenges regarding the management and human rights of populations of the move and the developments in relation to reception and integration policies of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. 

  • Open for Practitioners, NGO Professionals, Researchers & Post-Graduate Students of all disciplines (i.e. Sociology, Social Policy, International Relations, Human Rights, and Economics et al.) 

  • Meet key academics and experts working in the field 

  • On-Site visits to Accommodation facilities and NGOs.  

About the course 

This 7-day course " Migration and Asylum in Times of Crises” will investigate pandemic has affected immigrants and will take into consideration the reception countries’ policy responses. 


Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of the program, after demonstrating their full and active participation throughout the 7-day course. The program does not require written work to be submitted or exams to be taken. 

Credits info 


Participants who wish to obtain ECTS are required to submit an essay of approx. 5.000 words at the end of the Summer School on a topic related to the lectures of the MIGSS and supervised by a lecturer of their choice. Deadline for essay submission: 1st September 2023. 


The Summer School program is offered in English. 

How to apply – Fees 

As this program is interdisciplinary by nature, it is open to all disciplines (such as Sociology, Social Policy, International Relations, Human Rights, Economics et al.) and applicants from an undergraduate level of studies and beyond are welcome, including but not limited to postgraduate students, PhD candidates, researchers, and NGO professionals. Doctoral students and researchers will have the opportunity to present their PhD/research at the PhD Seminar, provided a minimum of five students are enrolled in the seminar. 


The cost of attending the program is 550€. 


Course Leader/Scientific Responsible:  

Theodoros Fouskas, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of West Attic, Greece and EPLO. 

Applicants should submit an updated CV and letter of motivation to summerschools@elgs.eu by July 14, 2023 (extended)


2022 program Field Visit
2022 program Field Visit
2022 program Field Visit
2022 Program - Lapov
2022 program - Veizis
Professors Giovanna Campani and Theodoros Fouskas during the online lessons with the students
Professors Giovanna Campani and Theodoros Fouskas during the online lessons with the students

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