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Distance Learning Program for Greek Civil Servants

Project Title:

New Distance Learning Program for civil servants on the "Psycho-social dimensions of labor relations and the Development of handling skills"

Τhe EPLO has launched a new distance Learning program for civil servants on the "Psycho-social dimensions of labor relations and the Development of handling skills"  

This program is part of the educational activities of the Institute, responding in this way to the modern and growing needs of the social system of 'lifelong' learning via alternative methods of education. The program aims to develop knowledge and skills that will enable trainees to understand the relationship and behavioral problems - in the workplace and to manage their relations more effectively. Efficiency will not be achieved by only reversing the causes that have shaped the conflict, but also by returning to co-existing relations within the hierarchy, in a mutual benefit context, not as a result of coercion but as a result of a dynamic understanding of the opportunities, constraints and roles of each individual.

The program is intended for civil servants deriving from all public administration bodies and entities as well as local administration institutions (OTA First and second grade- IP, TE and DE categories) either holding positions of responsibility or simply performing simple tasks.

The first cycle of the program will start on June 10, 2015. Due to the great demand, the program will be repeated.

The duration is 350 hours, it is a certified program at an affordable price and the civil servants who will be trained will acquire 50 points of merit. 

The European Institute of Management and Governance of the EPLO as an official partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU - OSHA), participates in the European Campaign for Healthy Workplaces, incorporating this program to its activities for 2015.

The development of this program is based on the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of skilled scientists and staff of the Public Administration as well as the support offered by the infrastructure of the Organization.

Program's Thematology: The program includes the following topics

  • Introduction to the Distance Learning Methodology and Program
  • Handling pressure conditions at work
  • Problems of cooperation with the Head
  • Producing frustration in the workplace
  • "Mobbing" within the workplace
  • Work burnout
  • Managing friction 
  • The loss of interest
  • Job insecurity
  • Undermining an employee
  • Handling Injustice
  • The problematic partner
  • Misbehavior in industrial relations
  • The human burden
  • Dismissal from the workplace
  • Group activities
  • Human networks in the workplace
  • The mutual benefit 

For applying please visit: http://e-learn.eplo.eu 

For more information please contact Mr. Konstantinos Liberopoulos, e-mail: kliberopoulos@eplo.eu.Tel n.: 210 7258801/210 7293103, int.115.


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