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Saturday, 02 January 2016

Prof. Tim Koopmans passed away on Christmas Eve

A good friend of the EPLO and very distinguished Professor Thijmen (Tim) Koopmans passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 86 in Voorburg, Holland.

He was a committed member of the European Group of Public Law, the Scientific Council of the EPLO and constantly joined the annual reunions of the Group.

Tim was one of the great minds in the history of Dutch and European legal scholarship. He had an impressive career in both academia and the legal profession. He held chaired and honorary professorships at the universities of Leiden, Utrecht, Cambridge and Ghent. In addition, he served as a judge on the Dutch Supreme Court and the EU Court of Justice.

He was a pioneer in transcending boarders, between private and public law, between EU and national law, between law and political science and between different legal systems. He was a leading authority on comparative public law, exemplified by his 'Courts and Political Institutions', which is a profound and fascinating piece of scholarship.

Tim served as an inspirational mentor to several generations of young scholars, to whom he offered wisdom, guidance and excellent company. Tim will be missed dearly by his friends and colleagues.

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