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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The launch of the new book of Professor Spyridon Flogaitis, Director of the EPLO

The launch of the Greek edition of the new book of Professor Spiridon Flogaitis, Director of the EPLO, "The evolution of Law and the State in Europe, Seven Lessons" (SAKKOULAS publications), took place in Athens.

Prof. Sabino Cassese, Emeritus Professor of Sapienza University of Rome and Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and Chairman of the Scientific Council of EPLO, mentioned that this is an objective book that transcends national cultures and is addressed not only to legal but also to historical and political scientists and researchers.

Prof. Nikos Alivizatos, Professor in the University of Athens, mentioned that "the purpose of the book is not the satisfaction of mere curiosity, but the understanding of how to better build Europe all together". While speaking about the author, he emphasized that he acts as a "bridge" between the Greek and the European edifice.

The Director of the EPLO, referring to Prof. Sabino Cassese, stated that it was him who "made Europe global".

The new President of the Greek Republic, Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos, honored Prof. Flogaitis with his presence along with High Court judges, lawyers, politicians, academics and diplomats.

The journalist Mr Foivos Karzis coordinated the discussion.

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