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Monday, 01 July 2019

EPLO Director visits Ukraine and Budapest

The EPLO Director Prof. Spyridon Flogaitis made a trip to Ukraine from 1 to 2-7-2019. Mr Flogaitis trip to Ukraine and more specifically to Kiev included meetings with Mr. Ruslan Stefanchuk, Advisor to the President, Permanent Representative of the President in the Parliament, Mr Vl. Isaenko, Rector of the National Aviation Academy, Ms. Nathalia Kuznetsova, Professor Yiry Voloshin and visited: the Presidential Administration, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the National Aviation University, the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

On Wednesday, 3-7-2019 Mr. Spyridon Flogaitis arrived at Budapest where he met with Dr. Jur. Aniko Raisz, PhD, DEA Head of  Institute.

tags: EPLO, Ukraine, Κιevo, Βudapest, Spyros Flogaitis, Yiry Voloshin, Ruslan Stefanchuk, Vl. Isaenko, Nathalia Kuznetsova, Jur. Aniko Raisz

The EPLO Director S. Flogaitis, Mr. R. Stefanchuk, Ms. Nathalia Kuznetsova Mr. Yuriy Voloshin
Mr Vl. Isaenko, Rector of the National Aviation Academy with Prof. S. Flogaitis

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