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Monday, 15 July 2024

EPLO Scholarships for the Summer Program on Parliamentary Democracy at LUISS Rome

Summer Program on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe” in collaboration with LUISS School of Government in Rome, Italy.

Scholarships offered by EPLO.

15-19 July 2024, conducted at Luiss University Campus in Viale Romania, Rome – Italy

This summer program on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe” (13th edition): “Next Generation EU: implementation and extension”. organized by LUISS School of Government in cooperation in collaboration with the ELGS, intends to investigate the new mechanism set up by the European Union and the Member States from different points of view, taking into consideration the various aspects that this new type of integration raises: from a historical point of view, through a comparison with the Marshall Plan; from an economic-financial point of view, analyzing the new resources needed to repay the debt; from a legal and constitutional point of view, investigating not only the legal basis of the instrument, but also the impact it originates on forms of government and national institutions.

National Recovery and Resilience Plans challenged both the European Union and the Member States and their initial drafting and, most of all, the implementation phases, because they insert several innovative features within the pre-existing euro-national budgetary procedures. The Next Generation EU also represents the basis through which the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact has been defined, as well as a tool to promote the rule of law.

The intensive course applies research-based knowledge and professional skills to the implementation of the mechanisms that have been put in place as the European response to the economic and social effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus is on the Next Generation EU and the Recovery and Resilience Facility, which have implemented a new “method of government”, established on a temporary basis, but sowing a seed that can germinate in the future. Through the Next Generation EU, an embryo of common debt was created for the first time to finance reforms and investments defined at national level, so stimulating growth to reabsorb the debts incurred to combat the pandemic.

Designed for:

  • graduates, doctoral students and post-docs active in the field of constitutional law, human rights, political science, parliamentary and legislative studies, European studies, international affairs (preferably with a background in social sciences)
  • civil servants from European institutions and bodies, from international organizations, and from national and subnational institutions in the EU Member States and from third countries
  • professionals working for NGOs, think tanks and interest groups who want to acquire advanced knowledge on the parliamentary responses to the main ongoing transitions and to crisis and emergency governance.

Cost of the Program:

  • € 800 euro (without accommodation)
  • € 1.200 euro (with accommodation)

The tuition fees include academic program and reading materials, institutional and study visits, office hours, supervision and feedback on ongoing research.

Scholarships offered by the EPLO

The EPLO offers 10 full tuition scholarships addressed to excellent students which are evaluated based on their academic and personal record provided along with their application. An administrative fee of 150€ will be charged.

Applications deadline: 30 April, 2024. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if space remains.

 How to apply: Applicants should submit an updated CV and letter of motivation in English to  Information at T: +30 211 311 0 671. Admission is based on professional and academic achievement. A good knowledge of written and spoken English is also required.

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