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Friday, 13 October 2023

Second Steering Committee of the "VR-DIGIJUST" project in Athens

The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) organized the 2nd Steering Committee meeting of the EU funded project “VR-DigiJust - Digitalising Justice via Combined Virtual Reality Training” on the 13th May of October 2023, at the Organization's premises at the Roman Agora.

During the meeting, the project’s coordinator Fondazione Agenfor International (Italy) together with partners of European Public Law Organisation (Greece), Hochschule fur Offentliche Verwaltung (Germany), Chambre Nationale des Commissaires de Justice (France), Institut Europeen de l'expertise et de l'expert (France), Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de Justice (Belgium), Corte di Appello di Venezia (Italy), Procura della Repubblica Presso il Tribunale di Firenze (Italy) & Procura della Repubblica Presso il Tribunale di Rimini (Italy) had the opportunity to present the progress of the project’s implemented activities as well as to discuss the planning of the future activities and in particular the development and implementation of the training of more than 300 judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

The capacity building and training activities will take place in Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany, covering diverse topics including the digitalisation of justice, restorative justice and alternative measures, technology and justice, A-I in justice, etc. The trainings will be delivered in 2024/25 in various modalities including in Virtual Reality, immersive online and offline training as well as face to face.

For more information, you can visit EPLO’s project’s webpage:  “VR-DigiJust - Digitalising Justice via Combined Virtual Reality Training”.

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