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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

EPLO Committee on the Future of Europe

The establishment of a Committee on the Future of Europe has been decided by the European Public Law Organization  (EPLO). This committee aspires to contribute to the preparation of Greek positions for the "Convention on the Future of Europe".

The Convention on the Future of Europe will start on Europe Day - 9 May 2020 and will last for  two years. The EPLO Committee will operate in the context of the Conclusions of the European Council of 12 December 2019, the European Parliament Resolution of 15 January 2020 and the Commission's announcement of 22 January 2020. The Committee will organize round-tables and other consultation events, targeted thematic workshops that will build on the findings of the works of the Committee.

The Committee will also produce position papers on specific topics of consultation as well as other specific issues of Greek interest, relevant to the future of Europe, such as immigration, the issue of multiple islands, protection of the external borders, defense, etc.  

At the same time, EPLO has decided to set up a pan-European Committee for the preparation of positions and proposals on the Future of Europe, both within the context of this Convention and the inter-governmental Conference to follow, with a view of revisiting the EU Treaties.

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