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Monday, 09 November 2020

Οnline Conference on circular economy: Circle the Med Forum 2020

The Circular Economy and Climate change Institute of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) acting as a main catalyst in promoting Circular Economy in the wider Mediterranean Region, is proud and honored to have hosted the Circle the MΕD Mediterranean Online Forum at the EPLO premises in Athens, Greece. As an International organization, the EPLO and its Institute promote Circularity and new production-consumption patterns, through a new approach of Environmental diplomacy and providing capacity and Institutional building in the challenging broader area of the Mediterranean.

The event was on November 9 to13  and its works have been recorded and can be seen at and at the vimeo channel of the forum.

To check the agenda please follow the link

Some key points that incorporate the goals of the forum:

•The Geographical range of the Forum covers both the EU Member States of the Mediterranean and the Neighboring countries. The Forum emphasizes in synergies between them as well as with the Union for the Mediterranean (UMF).

•Our target is to transform the Mediterranean Sea –main sea basin of the EU- as “the Sea of Peace, and climate/environmental protection” since it is very vulnerable in comparison to other EU and worldwide regions.

•Our aim is to make the MED, through EU collaboration, a “Geographical Region” where circular economy, blue economy and digital transformation practices will be applied bothvertically and horizontally. Applied between the Member states and neighboring countries as well as between their business and scientific communities and civil society.

•We aim at promoting best practices in circular economy, digital economy and Artificial Intelligence that will support the energy transition with the view to developing the MED region and Mediterranean Countries to pioneers of the Green Deal and the transition in energy Neutrality

•Promotion of the EU targets in the wider region as best practices in the context of a new climate and environmental diplomacy.

•Promoting Interreg programs as main financing tools for territorial cohesion and further financial strengthening of those.

•Preserving the Balkan Med program based in Thessaloniki

•Promoting synergies with the Adriatic Ionian macro-regional strategy for reaching out to common targets.

•Promotion and development of all EU financial tools and Funds, especially the Recovery one Just Transition ones. Further use of new financing/funding instruments in collaboration with the EIB and EBRD.

•Promoting eco-innovation, RES, and new technologies and supporting them with Private,Private Public, and Green Funding initiatives (Green Financing. Taxonomy)

•Supporting B2B and B2P partnerships, networking, and exchange of good practices.

Mr. George Kremlis, as President of the Circle the Med Forum and the International “Circular Clima Institute” of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) will host during the first day of the forum Mr. Dimitrios Oikonomou, Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Mrs. Eleni Hatziyanni, Policy Officer DG MARE, Mrs. Lise Guennal, Project Officer for the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) and Dr. Andrea Barbanti, Research Manager at National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR).