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May 15 2017

3rd Call for Experts: “Moving Forward: Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings in Kosovo” project

The European Public Law Organization, in the context of the implementation of the project “Moving Forward: Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings in Kosovo”, (contract No. 2016/382-826), is seeking for a Local Senior Law Enforcement / Police / Judicial Expert.

Project Description

The project, implemented by the Family and Childcare Centre (KMOP) in cooperation with EPLO and PVPT (XK), is funded by the EU Office in Kosovo under the IPA II Programme and will last from January 2017 until January 2020.

The Purpose / Overall Objective of this project is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the fight against Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) in Kosovo by increasing the ability of the Kosovo institutions to effectively coordinate and implement all anti-THB efforts, in line with EU Acquis best practices and Kosovo’s overall development priorities.

The Specific Objectives of the project are three-folded:

  • Enhance the strategic capability of law enforcement, judiciary, central and municipal government institutions and civil society to identify the threat, risk and harm of trends of THB;
  • Strengthen capacities of institutions mandated to prevent, protect, investigate and prosecute criminal activities of human trafficking; and
  • Strengthen and ensure sustainability of service provisions and reintegration process for Victims of Trafficking (VoT) and Potential Victims of Trafficking (PVoT).

In order to fulfil the abovementioned specific objectives, the following Results are foreseen:

  • R1: Increased engagement, participation and cooperation of national, regional and local stakeholders in/with the National Anti-Trafficking Coordination Mechanism (NATCM), as well as awareness on how to better respond to cases of human trafficking;
  • R2: Increased number of trafficking cases identified, investigated and prosecuted, as well as better and more systematic inter-institutional coordination and cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of such cases;
  • R3: Increased technical and financial capacity of CSO/NGO service providers – particularly shelters – to accommodate the needs of VoT and accordingly increase in the number of victims receiving tailor-made social support and reintegration services;
  • R4: Increased awareness among professionals and the general public about human trafficking.

The target groups/stakeholders of the project are Institutional authorities, rule-of-law institutions, NGO Shelters and other CSO service providers supporting trafficked persons, central and local government authorities responsible for social service delivery, as well as beneficiaries of the grant projects (VoT & PVoT).

The overall impact of the proposed action will be the institutional strengthening of the anti-trafficking sector in Kosovo at strategic and (in the most part) at operational level. Project activities have therefore been envisaged to positively contribute at multiple levels: at micro (individuals – members of law enforcement and the justice and social services sector, e.g. police officers, judges, prosecutors, CSO staff), meso (institutions – central and local institutions responsible for combatting THB and protecting VoT, CSOs, law enforcement agencies, social service providers) and macro level (Kosovo’s rule-of-law and social sectors and the society as a whole).

KEY EXPERT: Local Senior Law Enforcement / Police / Judicial Expert

Description of the work – individual assignments

The expert’s total involvement is estimated to 38-40 working days, starting immediately and to be provided until 01/2020, with the majority of activities to take place until the end of 2018.

The expert will work closely, collaborate and liaise with the Project Team of EPLO based in Athens in activities such as provision of technical assistance, expert advice, support, on the job training, and capacity building to relevant stakeholders and institutions, on issues relevant to the overall coordination of the sector, including:

·         Identification of the needs of relevant stakeholders, though desk research and interviews, and provision of technical support, on the job training and capacity building to stakeholders.

·         Training needs assessment of members of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, through desk research, interviews and focus groups.

  • Organization and delivery of advanced training sessions for law enforcement and judicial authorities and staff (16 two-day training sessions), including cooperation with all relevant beneficiary institutions for the selection of the trainees
  • Conduct evaluation of the training activities, including development of evaluation questionnaires and drafting of one final evaluation report.

Application and evaluation process

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV, specifying the position, to Mr. Edoardo Minerva ( by June 9th 2017.

Relevant academic qualifications and prior experience in similar projects will be taken into consideration.


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