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Education Initiatives

Established in 2013, the Academy for Transparency & Human Rights offers higher education and tailor-made training programs which cover a number of highly debated topics, such as: transparency in the public sector, protection of human rights, anticorruption tools, and more. The instruction is conducted mainly in English or Greek, and the courses take place worldwide. The Academy for Transparency is in continuous communication with various bodies, such as: Bar Associations, Universities, Supreme Courts, and Ministries etc, both within and outside of the EPLO network in order to develop and execute its programs. Active or future professionals of governance, practitioners of new public management of any kind and students of relevant educational backgrounds, are welcome to take the initiative to invite the ATHR to submit a proposal for the specific needs.


The programs are modern, holistic and multidisciplinary, and combine dynamic lectures delivered by academics and practitioners from throughout Europe. Educational site visits and enriching cultural excursions are provided. The academic program presents, discusses and explores issues of transparency in the public sphere and the protection of human rights on national, european and international levels. These themes are analyzed within the framework of international anticorruption tools that are necessary to all practitioners of new public management of any kind in all branches of government (executive, legislative and judiciary) to fully comprehend.

Location and Duration

The programs are flexible in duration and are always adapted to the needs of each group. They are offered in key destinations around the globe. The EPLO traditionally shapes the academic program cultural visits, as well as all domestic transportation, accommodation and meals.

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