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ENERTECH-Summer Academy

1-6 JULY 2024


Thematic 2024: “ENERTECH  – Mastering Advanced Technologies in Energy”

1In collaboration with the International Hellenic University


Are you fascinated by the future of energy? Do you dream of a world powered by clean, sustainable solutions? Join us at the EnerTech Summer Academy in Athens, Greece, and unlock your potential as a changemaker in the energy revolution!

Join the Summer Academy that is taking place at the EPLO premises in Athens this year in cooperation with the Hellenic International University

  •  5 days immersed in the heart of cutting-edge energy tech: Explore the latest advancements in renewable energy, smart grids, microgrids, hydrogen, nuclear energy and more.
  • Dive deep into diverse topics: From entrepreneurship and policy to law and new technologies, gain a comprehensive understanding of the modern energy landscape.
  • Learn from the best: Engage with renowned professors, industry experts, and innovators who are shaping the future of energy.
  • Network with a vivid community: Connect with passionate peers from various disciplines, building lifelong friendships and collaborations.
  • Athens as your classroom: Experience the vibrant energy of this historic city, while exploring its ancient wisdom and modern sustainability initiatives.

More than just a summer program, this is an immersive experience that will:

  • Ignite your passion: Spark your curiosity and inspire you to become an active agent in the energy transition.
  • Empower you with knowledge: Equip you with the skills to tackle energy challenges.
  • Connect you with a network: Build a community that shares your vision for a sustainable future.

Join us in Athens this summer and embark on a journey that will transform your perspective, ignite your potential, and empower you to shape the future of energy!

The program addresses:

• Students: Enhance your knowledge, gain practical skills, and discover career paths in the booming energy sector.
• Young professionals: Expand your expertise, network with industry leaders, and accelerate your career in energy innovation.
• Anyone with a passion for energy: Deepen your understanding of the energy challenges and contribute to building a brighter future.

Programme Structure & Working hours

The lectures will be live and will take place, in Athens, during the first week of July 2023 (between the 1st and the 6th of July 2024). More specifically, for the period of 1 week, 6 lectures will be offered from Monday 1 July to Saturday 6 July (10.00a.m.-12.00 p.m. & 12.10-14.00 p.m.). Along with the lectures, the program includes some further activities; the participants will be given the opportunity to participate to educational visits.

2024 Program and Instructors:

Monday 01/07/2024 // 10:00 – 14:00 // Decentralizing Power – Microgrids & Virtual Power Plants

Lecturer: Prof. Michael CaramanisBoston University, former Chairman of Hellenic Regulatory Authority of Energy


Tuesday 02/07/2024 // 10:00 – 14:00 // New Horizons in Energy Entrepreneurship

Lecturer: Dr. Stelios Bikos, General Manager, Hellenic Energy Competence Center – HECC


Wednesday 03/07/2024 // 10:00 – 14:00 // The Digital Pulse of Energy Transformation

Lecturers: Prof. Nikos Chatziargiriou & Prof. Aris Dimeas, National Technical University of Athens


Thursday 04/07/2024 // 10:00 – 14:00 // Innovation Driving the Low-Carbon Energy Transition

Lecturer: Prof. Theodore PanagosInternational Hellenic University, former Vice-Chairman of Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Energy

 Lecturer: Prof. Dimitra Vagiona, Aristotle University Thessaloniki


Friday 05/07/2024 // 10:00 – 14:00 // The Clean Energy Frontier

Lecturer: Dr. Nikos KatsisDivision Director at Independent Transition System Operator for Natural Gas – DESFA

Lecturer: Prof. Nikolaos Petropoulos, National Technical University


Saturday 06/07/2024 // Field Trips Day – to be announced



Applicants should submit an updated CV and letter of interest in English to summerschools@elgs.eu or contact us at +30 211 311 0 671 by 14 June 2024.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the program to all attendees who have fulfilled all requirements.

Accommodation and Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are 250 € (non-refundable). The fees will cover:

  • Participation in the Summer Academy
  • Welcome Social Event on the Induction Day
  • Transportation for a cultural/educational visit
  • Goodbye Social Event (Dinner)

All participants are responsible for covering travel costs from their home cities to Athens and other everyday expenses. Participants will have to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Participants can ask the EPLO/ELGS secretariat for the accommodation package offered.


• The program takes place in Athens EPLO Premises.