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Distance Learning Program for Greek Civil Servants

Teaching people at their homes

Τhe EPLO launched two distance learning training programs for Greek civil servantss since 2012 on the subjects:

a) "Psycho-social dimensions of labor relations and the Development of handling skills".This program as an official partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU - OSHA), participates in the European Campaign for Healthy Workplaces, incorporating this program to its activities for 2015. 

b) “Financing Tools and Mechanisms of the European Union and other international bodies”

From 2012, when the first course was launched, until the summer of 2014, almost 1100 Greek civil servants have successfully completed the course.

The aim of the programs is to develop skills that will enable trainees to understand the complex working environment and succesfully operate within it.

The programs are addressed to: public servants and employees from all levels of public administration and local Government (OTA 1st and 2nd grade categories of IP, TE and DE), accross all levels of responsibility.

The programs are entirely online and asynchronous and involves 300 to 350 hours of training including online work and studies to be completed within three months. They provides all the required teacher-support material.

The material of the programs have been drafted by national and European experts in the relevant topics, as well as by University Professors. Trainees can follow the Distance Learning Subject of their choice at their own convenience.

For more information: please contact Ms. Vasiliki Soulandrou, Director of the European Institute of Management and Governance, tel .: 210 7258801/210 7293103 interior 115, e-mail: vsoulandrou@eplo.eu and Mr. Konstantinos Liberopoulos, tel. 210 7258801/210 7293103, int.115, e-mail: kliberopoulos@eplo.eu.

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