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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Interested in European Studies? European Law & Governance Studies in Athens

The ELGS, a truly international University School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees, in the English language, on the fields of law and governance. The School is located in Athens a student-friendly city with a remarkable weather and way of life.

The programs of the ELGS are designed with a European and global perspective.The 100 member-strong international faculty network that supports the School and the School's partnerships with 30 universities and institutions across 20 countries provide students with study abroad opportunities, access to libraries and resources, as well as other internship opportunities, thus ensuring that students will develop cultural awareness, linguistic and transversal skills and ties to the marketplace.

What makes the ELGS unique

  • We are engaged in shaping the European leaders of the future, the new generation of European professionals following the highest of standards.
  • We are blessed to be in a unique and culturally-rich location, in Athens, very student-friendly and with a remarkable weather
  • Specialization within European Law and Global Governance is channeled through the student’s choice of elective modules available in each degree
  • We provide access to a network of 100+ renown professors from the best Universities of the world. 
  • We are collaborating for the exchange of students and professors with a network of 30 Universities in across 20 countries 
  • Our fresh approach in teaching methodology is based in flexibility and interaction while the curricula reflect the latest developments in the specific academic field. We follow a completely interdisciplinary approach
  • Also in small classrooms with close student-professor interaction
  • Applied-learning through interactive comprehensive library resources

Athens is a wonderful place to live

Athens is one of the most interesting European capitals, filled with juxtapositions of new and old, east and west. It is at once cosmopolitan and marked by its extensive history, and on the other hand extremely populous and full of life.

One thing is obvious to all travelers: its warm and hospitable people.  Once visited, it quickly becomes your home. Find more on student life here

The ELGS is hosted at unique locations

The ELGS utilizes the EPLO’s unique premises in Greece for its study programs. Undergraduate and Executive Education studies will be operated out of the facilities overlooking the Aegean sea in Sounion (Legraina), while Postgraduate studies will be operated in the heart of the old Athens district at Plaka area.

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Applications have opened for Session 2018-19.


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