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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Professors and Students of the GLG Summer School visited H.E.The President of the Hellenic Republic

"The Global Law & Governance Summer School (GLG SS) of the EPLO is a truly innovative school. It’s originality, in a global level, lies to the fact that it allows an interdisciplinary, holistic - in my opinion- approach of law, public policy and economics, since one can see on one side the economy and public policy which constitute the substructure to shape the Law and on the other side, see that same law come into effect through the application of Public policy and the Economy. And it is clear that such a program, with global dimensions can, via the EPLO, lead us -gradually and certainly with great difficulty- towards the European, even also the global integration".

The above words were stressed, inter alia,  by the H.E. The President of the Hellenic Republic Procopios Pavlopoulos while welcoming the professors and students of the Global Law & Governance Summer School of the EPLO as well as of the Internship Program of the EPLO, on July 27, 2016 at the Presidential Mansion.

"Indeed our program combines unique features" was mentioned in the speech of the Director of the School Mr. Ioannis Lianos, Professor in the University College of London. "It is interdisciplinary, combining many different typologies, concerning legal systems and derivatives that are generated by the social sciences”, he added. 

 H.E. The President offered commemorative gifts to students. 

 The event was attended also by the Director of EPLO Professor Spyridon Flogaitis and the coordinator and members of the Internship program of the EPLO.

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