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Thursday, 02 July 2015

Call for Marie Curie Fellowships

Call for expressions of interest for the submission of proposals under the Marie Curie program

The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) is interested in participating as a host organization in the following Marie Curie Actions:

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF-EF) MSCA-IF-2015-EF

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF-GF) - MSCA-IF-2015-GF

MSCA IFs take the form of European Fellowships and Global Fellowships. An application must be developed jointly by the researcher and supervisor. The project proposals are submitted by this host organization, which is represented by the supervisor, in liaison with the researcher. The applicants can submit their proposals to one of the 8 main evaluation panels: Chemistry (CHE), Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Economic Sciences (ECO), Information Science and Engineering (ENG), Environment and Geosciences (ENV), Life Sciences (LIF), Mathematics (MAT), Physics (PHY).

For European Fellowships the applicants can submit their proposals as Standard EF to one of the 8 main evaluation panels [1] or to one of the 2 multidisciplinary panels: Career Restart Panel (CAR) and Reintegration Panel (RI). The CAR panel provides financial support to individual researchers who want to resume research in Europe after a career break, while the RI panel is dedicated to researchers who want to return to Europe to reintegrate in a longer term research position. Global Fellowships GF are composed of an outgoing phase during which the researcher spends 1 to 2 years on secondment to a partner organization in a Third Country, plus a mandatory 12-month return period to a host organization (the beneficiary) located in a Member State or Associated Country.

Researchers who wish to cooperate with EPLO for the submission of a project proposal under the aforementioned Actions should check that they fulfill the respective eligibility criteria and then send an expression of interest, consisting of a short CV and a two-page summary presentation of their research proposal, to Expressions of interest must be submitted to the EPLO by July 31, 2015. The EPLO welcomes project proposals from all areas of social sciences. However, priority will be given to those projects that fit best with the EPLO’s existing research interests, activities and Institutions, and gain the support of at least one EPLO senior researcher. Proposals are pre-selected on the basis of internal evaluation and the availability of suitable supervision. Candidates will be informed of the results of the pre-selection by August 15, 2015. Please note that the deadline for submission of proposals to the Commission is September 10, 2015. 

The latest call for this action was published on 23 July 2014. Detailed information on the eligibility criteria and further information can be found below:

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