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Friday, 27 October 2023

Accelerating growth for startups: An insight into the S3E Charge Program

An article by Christina Deligianni, Policy and Programs Director at Institute for Sustainable Development at EPLO

The situation of deep tech in the South of Europe is still in a state of growth and development, as depicted in the European Innovation Scoreboards; with most countries in the region being labelling as moderate and emerging innovators, we're starting to witness the emergence of tech ecosystems and innovation hubs in cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid and Athens — where more and more startups are working on cutting-edge technologies, and a wealth of deep tech research is produced in academic and research institutions.

However, this research is, more often than not, not translated into burgeoning businesses and many deep tech, growth startups often face significant challenges that can hinder their development. This is where support programs like the EU-funded South3E - S3E Program can step in to make a difference for growth-oriented startups that, in turn, play a crucial role in driving innovation, creating jobs and fostering economic growth and sustainable development.

Tailored Mentorship for Startups

One of the standout features of the S3E Charge Program is its commitment to provide tailored mentorship. Experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts are selected to offer individual guidance to growth startups participating in the S3E program. Each startup gets to have at least 11 hours of dedicated support across, at least, 7 meetings with their dedicated mentor over a period of 14 weeks.

Being fully aware of the unique needs and challenges that startups face nowadays, the S3E Charge Program also offers a tailored approach to providing extra assistance. Our masterclasses and webinars focus on various areas across business development, marketing, IP protection, and sustainable finance.

With a dedicated mentor and a wealth of masterclasses topped with the expertise of the South3E team, this Program empowers startups to tackle their specific growth barriers effectively and get assisted in producing two deliverables: an investor-ready business plan (that can also be used when applying to the EIC Accelerator and other EU-funded programs) and a pitch deck that can be adjusted for different audiences, contexts and geographies.

Access to Funding, Resources and Networking Opportunities

Financing is often a major hurdle for startups looking to scale their operations. The S3E Charge Program addresses this challenge by connecting startups with potential investors, grants, and other funding sources. Moreover, we provide access to a network of resources that can significantly reduce the cost and time required to grow while building a strong network, which is vital for the success of any startup. The community aspect of the program is also worth mentioning, as it fosters collaboration and business growth opportunities.

Track Record of Success

The S3E Charge Program has a proven track record of helping startups achieve remarkable growth. Numerous success stories attest to the program's effectiveness in fostering entrepreneurial success, making it a reliable choice for emerging businesses.

During the first edition of the program, we introduced the participating startups to funding opportunities at an EU level and the cascade funding open calls. The majority of them have applied to renowned programmes such as Horizon EuropeEIC AcceleratorSynergistEICVentures ThriveACCIO StartupMETASTARS and many more.

S3E selected startups have also pitched to various business angels and potential investors, collectively attracting more than 1 million euros in funding! These success stories attest to the positive impact of mentoring and masterclasses that the S3E Charge program provided.

We are now accepting applications for more startups to join our second Open Call for the S3E Charge Program!

If you are a growth-oriented startup, with up to TRL 6-7 and an established entity in the South of Europe (including non-EU member states), we'd love to welcome you into the Program!

With tailored support, mentorship, funding access, networking opportunities, and a commitment to long-term success, this program will surpass your expectations and will take your startup to the next level.

Find all the relevant information on the S3E website.


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