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Thursday, 06 July 2023

Circle the Med 2023 - Embassies' Round Table Dialogue at EPLO

On Thursday 6th of July 2023, a significant Embassies' Roundtable Dialogue took place at the premises of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) at the Roman Agora, Athens. The event was organized in the framework of the upcoming Circle the Med Forum, scheduled to take place on 24-25 October 2023, at the EPLO premises and the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. The round table dialogue brought together representatives from several embassies, including Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

During the dialogue, the participants were provided with essential information about EPLO and its Circular Economy and Climate Institute, which aims to address critical environmental challenges through legal and policy research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives.

The Circle the Med Forum was the central focus of the discussion. This upcoming event seeks to emphasize climate and environmental diplomacy, promoting the concept of a "Circular Mediterranean" as well as of a "Circular Black Sea", and the implementation of the circular economy model as a means to achieve swift energy transition and carbon neutrality in the region.

As Mr. Georgios Kremlis, the President of the EPLO Circular Economy and Climate Institute, mentioned, the Forum will serve as a platform for policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to exchange ideas, share best practices, and foster collaboration in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean region and in other regions as well, such as the Black Sea basin. Similarly, the interaction between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea basins presents a unique opportunity for shared learning and joint initiatives. These two interconnected regions face similar challenges, such as rising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, and biodiversity loss. By recognizing these commonalities and working together, integrated strategies and policies can be developed to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis.

Ms. Alexia Spyridonidou, Business Development Manager of the EPLO Circular Economy and Climate Institute, highlighted the three strategic projects undertaken by the Institute to promote circular economy principles, climate resilience and climate neutrality, namely the projects Dialogue4Tourism (Interreg Euro-MED), CRESCENTO (Interreg ADRION), DesirMED (Horizon Europe: Mission CLIMA). These projects promote international collaboration, multi-level governance, and policy transformations among various sectors, including tourism, energy, mobility, waste management, and others, aiming to achieve a more sustainable and resilient Mediterranean region and beyond.

The Embassies Roundtable dialogue provided an opportunity for the attending embassy representatives to engage in constructive discussions, share their countries' experiences and initiatives, and explore avenues for future collaboration in the field of circular economy and climate change.

As the Circle the Med Forum approaches, the EPLO Circular Economy and Climate Institute aims to further expand its network of partners and stakeholders, working together with all nations, building bridges between the North and South shores of the Mediterranean, between the East and West, and as regards the Black Sea, towards a sustainable and resilient future.

The message conveyed to the Embassies during this event was to promote accession to the EPLO of the countries not yet members, to be represented at ministerial and business level at the forthcoming Forum and to disseminate the best practices it has developed.


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