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Friday, 12 May 2023

STAND-UP project: Call for training on new technologies in the fight against crimes and hate speech

Today the European Union has evolved significantly at social and legislative level concerning the confrontation and elimination of hate crime & hate speech phenomena. However, hate speech & crime against people and groups still exist due to their distinguishing characteristics.

STAND-UP’s overall aim is to establish a multi-agency cooperation model between public authorities & CSOs, so as to tackle hate crime and hate speech phenomena, with the contribution of new technological instruments.

Training’s target group is public authorities (judiciaries, ministries, prosecutors), Law Enforcement Agents (LEAs), like policy officers, and members of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in the field of combating hate crime and hate speech.

During the training the participants will familiarise themselves with advanced & tailor-made tools developed within the frame of the project, while also using Virtual Reality technology.

The participants after the trainings will be able to:

  • Deepen their knowledge upon the hate speech and crimes phenomena and the relevant legislative framework in Greece.
  • Use automated Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) monitoring mechanisms, while having access to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms, related reporting tools & educational material.
  • Exchange good practises of cooperation and experiences, strengthening & cultivating their in between collaboration, communication channels and trust.
  • Strengthen the support provided to victims of hate crime and hate speech, based on the European Directive on Victims' Rights.

Structure & Programme of the training

The training is based on blended learning methods with joint modules of synchronous learning, therefore being characterised as interactive, experiential and practical. The participants will acquire among others practical skills and knowledge upon the use of OSINT monitoring platforms for automated confidential reporting and early-warnings systems within the frame of investigations.

Finally, through specifically designed Virtual Reality simulation scenarios in the context of the investigations and role-playing exercises, the participants will become aware of the needs of victims during the investigation procedures.

The training will last 5 hours and there is the possibility to attend it at the day of your choice (either on the 29th or on the 30th of May 2023). It will be held in Athens, Greece at EPLO premises, Polignotou & Dioskouron 2 in Plaka. Each workshop will consist by members from all the above-mentioned institutions (mixed groups), where both practical and theoretical knowledge will be gained.

More information concerning the training’s programme will follow within the next days.

Since there is a limited number of seats for each day, registration is required. Below you will be able to proceed with your registration:

Register here.

Important Note

Before and after the training Evaluation Questionnaires will be distributed, which will be mandatory to be filled in.

The training will take place in Greek, with the sole exception of the practical part, where the training upon the use of the FALKOR platform and the Virtual Reality scenarios will take place in English.

For further information concerning the registration and the training, please contact:

Ms. Maria Poulopoulou:, +30 211 3110693.

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