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Monday, 01 February 2021

EPLO wins EU funded project in Albania

The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) is participating as a partner in a new project, funded by the EU in Albania, entitled: “Support to the EU Integration Process in Albania”. The project started in mid December 2020 and will last for two years.

The purpose of the project is to assist the Government of Albania to strengthen the EU integration process in line with the priorities of Stabilization and Association Agreement and accession negotiation processes by:

  1. Supporting effective alignment of national legislation with the EU acquis and its implementation.
  2. Further strengthening the capacities of the relevant institutions for the forthcoming screening and accession negotiations process.

The project is divided into two main Components:

Component 1: Enhanced compatibility of national legislation with the EU acquis and its effective implementation

1. Assist relevant institutions in preparation of laws, by-laws, Table of Concordances (TOCs), regulations, strategies, action plans, roadmaps, etc

2. Training and knowledge creation

3. Expertise, exchanges and partnerships

Component 2: Enhanced capacities of relevant national structures for successful carrying out of accession negotiations

  1. Knowledge transfer and training

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