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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Establishment of a Center for Gender and Equality Policy Studies

Chairman of the Board of Directors, the MP, Mrs. Olga Kefalogianni.

The Center for Gender and Equality Policy Studies (KEMEFI) is an autonomous unit of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) that aims, via research, to propose action, institutional interventions and policies that will defend and promote human rights, equality and social justice.

The Center will focus on specific areas of interest, directly related to public policy, such as social research, gender studies, cultural studies, international relations, European studies, conflict management, political participation, and analysis of co-existence.

The mission of the Center is to host, collaborate and participate in actions and initiatives with an emphasis on the better understanding and formulation of modern policies and innovative proposals aimed at addressing major issues around gender and human rights' issues.

The Center is eager to work with other research and consulting institutions, civil society and entrepreneurship bodies and organizations, public and private organizations, stakeholders and public authorities.

It will provide cross-sectoral seminars and activities of educational training, professional development, but also supervision of students, young researchers, interested journalists and trainees.

The results produced and the knowledge will be published in print and electronically, as the fundamental goal of the Center is political awareness as a condition for increasing participation and access to modern and effective policies.


The structure of the Center for Policy Studies on Gender and Equality

The Center is an independent and autonomous unit of the European Public Law Organization and operates under the responsibility of its President and Executive Director and with the support of its Scientific Council.

President: Olga Kefalogianni, Lawyer of Athens, Member of Parliament, former Minister

Executive Director: K. Lavdas, Professor, Panteion University

Members (in alphabetical order):

K. Lavdas, Professor of European Policy at Panteion University

M. Mendrinou, Professor of European Political Economy at the University of Piraeus

D. Papadopoulou-Klamari, Professor of Civil Law at the University of Athens

F. Papathanassiou, General Director of the Theocharakis Foundation

V. Kollia, Political Scientist, fr. Secretary General for Gender Equality 

The political and academic composition of Center will serve its basic mission, to strengthen and expand the opportunities for equality, which is the core of this effort.


Statement by Ms. Olga Kefalogianni

On the occasion of the Establishment of KEMEFI - EPLO, the Chairman of the Board and MP Olga Kefalogianni, stated:

"Addressing inequalities, alleviating social exclusion, achieving social justice, achieving equality are key factors in the global, long-term strategy for achieving sustainable development and social cohesion.

These fundamental issues are directly related to today's world, which is changing violently and dramatically from the effects of the pandemic, with a serious impact on the widening of inequalities and social exclusion.

The link among scientific research, policy innovation and awareness-raising is the key to social change that guarantees peaceful social progress based on the real needs of the times."

Statement of Professor Flogaitis, Director of the EPLO

The director of the European Public Law Organization, Spyridon I. Flogaitis, stated: “We welcome the Center for Gender and Equality Policy Studies to the large family of the EPLO . It's a great and up-to-date idea in a rapidly changing world. And our task, as an international organization, is to scientifically study everything that is happening around us, to pave the way and propose solutions. We are ready to host this new action. We thank the former Minister Mrs. Olga Kefalogianni and the scientists-members of the board, who took this initiative. Their effort will be added to the academic entities of the organization, which today form a central body of 11 institutes and 3 academies that produce important work internationally. I wish everyone good luck. "

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