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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

A project on Development of Renewable Energy Sources has been initiated by the Institute for Sustainable Development

Project Details

Project Title: “Development of Renewable Energy Sources whilst Ensuring the Environment, and Social Consensus and Conservation of the Natura 2000 Network”

Funding: Green Fund

Program: Natural Environment and Innovative Actions 2020

Priority Pillar 2: Smart Cities

Project Budget: 130,000€

Project Duration: July 2020-September 2021

Beneficiary: European Public Law Organization (EPLO) - Institute for Sustainable Development

The Institute for Sustainable Development of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) in collaboration with Convergences Greece and with funding from the Green Fund (Prasino Tameio) is commencing the implementation of the project entitled "Development of Renewable Energy Sources while ensuring the environment and social consensus, and conservation of the Natura 2000 Network”.

The purpose of the project is the development of different types of Renewable Energy Sources while ensuring social consensus and the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network areas, as well as formulating proposals for the appropriate mix of solutions and technologies. The duration of the program is until the end of September 2021.

The program includes the participation of government agencies, NGOs, and representatives of RES investors, who are involved in the whole process of design, licensing and operation of RES facilities, so that through creative and in-depth dialogue the best solutions and practices emerge to achieve the goal of de-lignitization and RES development in Greece in a way that does not endanger important habitats and species in the country, and especially the Natura 2000 areas, also in accordance with European legislation.

The first online meeting with the participation of 20 institutions took place on Thursday, November 6, 2020. During the discussion, the principles that will govern the dialogue were agreed upon, including transparency, recording of substantive arguments based on factual data, creative contribution with proposals.

Important topics were discussed as focus areas for the next meetings, including the Special Spatial Plan for RES, the collection and utilization of scientific data and measurements, planning and licensing procedures, monitoring during the construction and operation of RES, measures to address and mitigate environmental impacts.

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