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Friday, 02 October 2020

New website for the Human-Centred Business Model Project

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has launched a new web page for the Human-Centred Business Model Project at the following address: .

The Human-Centred Business Model Project (HCBM) is coordinated by the OECD Development Center in cooperation with the European Public Law Organization (EPLO).The Project, which convenes experts from over 46 international partners, aims at developing and piloting an innovative, human-centered, model of doing business that combines -on an equal level of importance- profit seeking with social and environmental sustainability and ethical/integrity principles.The Model is being developed around six "Pillars” addressing holistically the business ecosystem: (i) Guiding Principles, (ii) Legal Framework and Corporate Governance, (iii) Financial Mechanisms, (iv) Fiscal Policy, (v) Procurement Policies, and (vi) Stakeholders Relationship Techniques.

The new website provides the extensive collection of documents and research papers that have been produced by the Project since its inception in 2015.In particular, the site comprises the Project Brief and Proposal, Roadmap for Country Pilot Projects, Project Presentations, Articles and Media Coverage.

Moreover, the site makes available the numerous Research Papers that were prepared, by prominent academics and experts of the partner organizations, for the six Project Pillars, including among others:

  • Human Centred Business Model. Social and Environmental Principles”, by Teodorina Lessidrenska and David Boyer
  • Human Centred Business Model. Integrity Principles Paper”, by Shirin Ahlhauser, RayhanAsat, Michele Renda, Anasuya Syam &SamriTessema
  • The Human-Centred Business Model and Hybrid Business Forms: A Primer and a Roadmap”, by Andrea Zorzi, Diletta Lenzi
  • The Human-Centred Business Model. Sustainable Finance for Sustainable Development”, by Giovanni Ferri and Bonnie Annette Acosta
  • The Human-Centred Business Model Tax Policy: a Tool to Support Sustainable Growth”, by Karen Brown and Reuven Avi-Yona
  • The Human-Centred Business Model. Procurement Policies and Forms of Sustainable Procurement”, by Barbara De Donno and Livia Ventura
  • “The Human-Centred Business Model. Stakeholder Relationship”by Angela Sansonetti, Maurizio Zollo, Livio Scalvini, Frank Brueck and Marco Nicoli

The overall objective of the HCBM Projectis a more sustainable and equitable business ecosystem that will advance inter-generational equity as well as shared prosperity and inclusive economic growth.

The initiative originated within the World Bank’s Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development and is now coordinated by the Development Centre of the OECD.The EPLO is co-founder and co-leader of the Project.

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