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Friday, 23 November 2018

3rd Sounion Invitational MUN (SIMUN) on Terrorism prevention by the EPLO’s Academy for Transparency & Human Rights

Sounion, 23 November, 2018 - The 3rd  SIMUN (Sounion Invitational Model United Nations) took place on November 23, 2018, organized by the Academy for Transparency and Human Rights (ATHR) of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). The event was held at the premises of EPLO in Sounion, with the active participation of law undergraduate students from both the Institute of Law and Security of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) and the European Law & Governance School (ELGS) as well as the EPLO members of the internship program.

Proceedings of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) of the United Nations were simulated, with the debate focusing on the pressing issues around the topic of terrorism prevention, such as: countering the use of internet for anti-terrorism purposes, reducing radicalization through social inclusion, promoting human rights while countering terrorism, countering terrorism financing, protection of sensitive facilities and materials, and international cooperation to reduce the terrorist threat.

The simulation, that took place as part of the "International Law and Diplomacy" training program, used a work methodology based on the information and rules of procedures contained in the Resource Guide for Organizing Model United Nations Conferences that Address Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice and Other Aspects of the Rule of Law, issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) within the framework of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative. This, aiming to have the most accurate simulation possible.

The goal of the activity was not only to enhance understanding about the topic itself and the legal as well as political perspectives around it, but also to examine the functioning of the CCPCJ and to practice application of multilateral diplomacy and negotiation, which are key to addressing  and resolving complex global challenges such as terrorism. "MUNs may be a fast-growing competitive activity for many students, but to me the 3rd SIMUN was something more. It played an important role in helping me to identify my potential and then to direct it in a proper channel. It helped me to gain knowledge, broadened my horizons of thinking, created awareness about how rapidly world is progressing and encouraged me to contribute my part", shares the ELGS 2nd year student Mr. Thanos Kaisaris.

Mr. Richard Nzekwu, EPLO intern from Northeastern University, USA who participated representing Germany, noted: "The Model UN simulation was a fun and stimulating experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the RANEPA and ELGS students to draft a comprehensive resolution to address the issue of cyber terrorism. I am confident that this experience will serve me well as I prepare for a future profession in diplomacy!" ELGS Resident lecturer Dr. Emily Pia acted as the Rapporteur along with Mr. Omar Hernández, former Consultor of the UN Academic Impact hub, who guided the study and training for the simulation and acted as the Chairperson during the actual activity. For Ms. Ariadne Kopidaki, from the ATHR “the 3rd Sounion Invitational MUN gave the opportunity to students from Russia, Italy, Nigeria, the USA, Ukraine, Georgia and Greece to understand how policy making bodies, like the CCPCJ, actually work for the benefit of the global community. I wish that this experience of international and intercultural dialogue will find ways to be expressed in their daily life”.

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