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Institute for Local Governance and Policy Innovation

 In recent years a major shift has taken place from the state to the local level, as cities, municipalities and regions have attracted more powers to generate economic growth and provide social services. In a competitive environment with shrinking public budgets but growing challenges for citizens and democracies alike, local authorities are evolving into fully-fledged, autonomous pillars with the capacity to design their own policy strategies, thereby realizing a new model of multi-level and multipolar governance. At the same time, it brings them to the EU within autonomous and prominent administrative units that develop their own policies and interact in a competitive social and economic realm.

 This reinforced role of local authorities also poses new challenges for the effective management of their responsibilities and the improvement of their services to the citizens. So, it is vital for the Institute of Local Governance and Policy Innovation to become the center of studying, highlighting and disseminating innovative policies for local government in order to cope with the imperatives it is required to fulfill.

The Administration

 The ILGPI is managed and administrated by the Praesidium, which is the supreme governing body of the ILGPI, its Director and, the scientifically Responsible / Supervisor of programs , who maintains the supervision and diligence of the Institute's programs.


 The mission of the Institute is the promotion and the highlighting of innovation for the public interest in Local Governance, at both state and international level. More specifically, the Institute:

• advises, assists and networks national and international regional and local authorities

• creates, encourages and supports networks of people and organizations from the public, private and not-for-profit sector, on issues of democratic and economic governance at local and regional level

• fosters synergies between researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and practitioners

• provides programs and techniques for upgrading the administrative capacities of  Local Authorities, promoting the use of data, methods of co-operation, efficiency, accountability and empowerment of citizens in the planning and implementation of interventions with a social impact,

• offers general and / or tailor made training and education programs for local government officials and employees in Greece and abroad

• holds conferences and public events in Greek territory and participates in relevant ones in Greece and abroad.

• is the appropriate structure for research, analysis, networking, publicity, training and the provision of good practices and programs from Greece and abroad concerning the areas of democracy, public administration, entrepreneurship and culture.