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Wednesday, 07 October 2020

4th Webinar on how to plan a Sustainable Blue Economy

The International Conference "Circle the Med Forum", the Mediterranean Hybrid Forum 2020, which will take place from 9 until 13 November 2020, organized along with the Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the EPLO the fourth online debate on “Mediterranean and Blue Growth: How to plan a Sustainable Blue Economy?” which forms part of a series of monthly virtual debates on different pillars of the Circular Economy. 

The fourth online debate took place on Wednesday, 7 October, 2020 at (15:00 CET).

Blue Growth has become a major policy objective for the European Commission, Member States and a broad range of maritime actors. It has contributed to jobs and economic growth, supported innovation and research, and promoted a collaborative and inclusive approach to the maritime economy. However, there are still many challenges facing the development of maritime economies.

One of these challenges is Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), which can help to accommodate tomorrow’s Blue Economy by creating a framework for evidence-based and inclusive maritime spatial plans from national authorities. MSP reconciles economic needs with other dimensions and demands, including the protection of the environment, the supply of ecosystem services, the interactions between activities and processes occurring at sea and onshore, and cross-border cooperation.

Issues, that were addressed in the Live debate:

  • How to plan and accommodate the Blue Economy in the MED area?
  • Synergies versus tensions – How to work together rather than apart?
  • How to ensure that Blue Economy is transparent and inclusive enough?
  • A new integrated European maritime policy: the Sea Not only as an Economic Space but also as a Political One. How should this look like?

In this fourth debate they participated:

Mr. Dimitrios Oikonomou,  Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy

Mrs. Eleni Hatziyanni, Policy Officer DG MARE

Mrs. Lise Guennal, Project Officer for the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR)

Dr. Andrea Barbanti, Research Manager at National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR)

Mr. George Kremlis, President of the Organizing Committee of the "Circle the Med Forum" and the International Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) was the moderator of the online debate.

The event was hosted at a remote platform and was broadcast via the website of the Circle the Med Forum and different social media channels of different stakeholders. A recording of the session will be also available for later reviewing. All invitees had the possibility to interact during the debate, to participate in live polls and ask questions to the speakers.