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January 2 2015

Internships-Open Call

The EPLO welcomes interns from all over the world offering an unpaid internship period of 2 to 6 months at its premises in Sounio, Greece.


As an international organization, EPLO is characterized by diversity.  It is comprised of people from different backgrounds, cultures, work styles, values and ways of thinking. This is reflected in the Organization’s internship program, which offers opportunities in various areas, such as law, education, human rights,  political science, international relations, public  administration, human resources,  IT, media, finance, communication, marketing, web developing, web design and library support services.


The EPLO Internship Program has two main objectives:

  • To provide interns with an opportunity to develop professionally and personally
  • To have access to the students’ fresh talent and skills


Eligible candidates are undergraduate and post graduate students, also young graduates with academic studies in the broader areas of law, political science, international relations, finance & economics, sociology, information technology, events management, sales and marketing, communication, web developer, web designer, and library support services.

 There are three forms of placement, namely:    

  1.  Agreement between the Sending University and the EPLO for internships on a regular basis (i.e. Erasmus Placement);
  2.  Agreement between the Sending University, the EPLO and the Student;
  3.  Individual applications (self funded or through other scholarship programs)

Structure of the Program

Applications: are accepted throughout the year

Duration: varies from 2 to max. 6 months (special exceptions to this time frame are upon request and approval of the Internship Coordinator).

 The internship program is normally carried out on a full time basis, five working days a week from 9:00 am-5:00pm, with the exception of special EPLO events at which interns will be requested to participate.

Knowledge of English is mandatory, at least at the B1 level or equivalent, as it is the working language of the EPLO. Knowledge of other languages, such as French, Russian, Spanish, and German are also an asset.

Annual Leave: Interns are entitled to the same days of annual leave as the EPLO staff, i.e. 20 working days  or five (5) working days leave for three (3) months of internship.

Financial obligations

During the Internship period the interns may reside at the guesthouse of the EPLO premises in Legraina, Sounion, subject to availability and payment of relevant fees (fees available upon request).

Students must pay a once-off administration fee of 200 Euros, which includes inter alia transportation from and to Athens airport, a city tour in Athens, an excursion in Greece, use of the library and other EPLO facilities.

A training and guidance fee is also applied for a minimum cover of working hours of the staff in order to train and guide the interns. Please find attached a financial breakdown.

How to Apply

In order to apply or for any queries please send to a CV in Europass format with an ID photo, a motivation letter and the EPLO application form for internships which can be downloaded from our website. Documents should be written in English.